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I have discovered the gentle yet powerful effect of sound & vibration  on our well-being first through the enchanting

sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. 

This was the point in my life when I got fascinated by the healing properties of sound and decided to study sound therapy . 

An amazing synchronicity led me to discovering Biofield Tuning 

which stands out among other modalities. 

What is truly unique to this method is that not only can we address all kinds of physical & emotional imbalances that you are facing in the present,

but we can find where the imbalance originated in the past (our biofield is also an information field) and using sound & vibration

we can release certain unbeneficial emotions you have been carrying for years,

we can let go / change a pattern of behaviour, and your attitude. 

We have a unique opportunity to “reprogram" the body & mind. 


This is truly profound work that carries life-changing results.


I have become a Biofield Tuning practitioner to help those

who seek positive change in their lives,

who are ready to discover the power of sound/energy medicine

and begin aN amazing self-healing journey.

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